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digital cameras | compact vs dSLR

shift out of automatic mode for better photos!

Welcome to i-Learn-Photography.com

Welcome to i Learn Photography! Today’s digital cameras, either digital single-lens-reflex (dSLR) or compact cameras, have a simple side, and they have a complex side. If you shoot in one of the many auto modes, they can be simple and easy to use, and you will generally get reasonably good photos. However, most digital cameras are loaded with sophisticated features that you can learn to use effectively - and you can use them to get outstanding photos! Even understanding how to use a half-dozen of these more sophisticated features can dramatically improve your picture-taking skills.

How do you currently shoot? Do you usually shoot with one of the auto modes? Are you aware of, and do you use many of the more sophisticated features your camera offers? Do you really understand the relationship between ISO setting, f-stop, and shutter speed? Do you change shooting modes based upon the subject you are shooting? Do you use several different metering modes, change focal points, or use exposure lock? If not, you will be excited to see how much your photo-shooting skills will improve after you read and put into practice that you will find at i-Learn-Photography.com.

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